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Health conscious customers are looking for high quality organic products. Connect with them on OSN Earth.

Online platform for Producers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers of certified organic products

Cooking & Nutrition


Organic vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses as well as organic spices, condiments, oils, ghee and dairy products.

Personal Care


Organic lifestyle, beauty and wellness products

Organic Farm Supplies


Organic manure and organic pesticides, as well as seeds and saplings for organic farms and gardens

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Healthy, Local, Responsible

Healthy to the core

Enabling people to live a healthy life is at the core of OSN's mission. Health is engaging in life with vitality and vigour. The approach is preventive and proactive, rather than reacting to diseases.

Local at heart

OSN Earth connects customers with quality conscious organic stores in their neighbourhood. Fresh produce mostly comes from local farmers. Every transaction helps to strengthen the local economy.

Responsible in every way

The organic way protects nature; even as we enjoy the gifts of soil, water, air and sunlight. It means avoiding excesses, reducing wastage and giving back as much or more than we take from nature.